Dr. Leonard Hall


Leonard is responsible for the design and manufacture of the FS500 and FS GRD 2.0 vehicles. Leonard is the lead control developer of Ardupilot. ArduPilot is one of the most popular Autopilots in the world, currently flying on approximately half a million aircraft world wide.

Leonard is responsible for many core pieces of Ardupilot’s multicopter code including critical parts of the attitude, navigation and motor control libraries. He also developed the multicopter “AutoTune” feature and is generally considered the expert in tuning Ardupilot’s multicopter vehicles.

He was responsible for developing the ideal tune for many of 3DR’s vehicles including the IRIS, Y6, X8, Spectre and Solo. He also developed the Ardupilot tune for the Bebop1, Bebop2, and SkyViper. Leonard has provided mechanical design review for a large number of commercial and defence multirotor aircraft.


Grantley Reed

Director of Operations

Grantley has over 19 years’ experience in aviation and held positions including National Manager Operational Standards, Program Manager Operations, as well as Business Systems Manager for Customer Service. 

He has also worked extensively as an Emergency Planning Advisor and has many years’ experience in Human Factor theory and design and implemented organisational wide Aviation Human Factors Programs. During that time he was also a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators

He liaises closely with CASA on safe implementation of large drone technologies and provides a deep knowledge of safety from a holistic and system-design perspective. Grantley member of an FAI internal working group looking to further progress sporting rules and safety management frameworks for large drones.


Chris Ballard


Chris has over 5 years experience in the drone industry, having started his career as the Director of Sales with Porta-Quad, at the time the world's smallest fully autonomous capable multi rotor frame.

Chris made great strides in the drone racing industry since it's earliest days, having written and circulated the first drone racing rule set from his first drone racing organisation QAROP (Quadcopter Aerial Racing Organisation and Promotion). QAROP organised Australia's first structured annual racing series, starting in 2014.

During this time, Chris also worked closely with MultiGP, acting as the Asia Pacific Director and facilitating the global expansion of the organisation.

Having started the journey to create giant drone racing in 2015, Chris has also been a part of many large international drone racing events across the world, leading to his position as an authority figure on the drone racing events.

Ken King

Principal ENGINEER

Ken is the Principal Engineer of Freespace Solutions Drones and the Managing Director of ‘eirobotix’ a specialist aerial platform service provider.

Ken holds RePL & ReOC for UAV’s up to 25kg MTOW. en is involved with the Melbourne Space Program & won the 2016 Melbourne NASA ‘Space Apps’ competition for conceptual design of an Origami style space saving lightweight storage system currently being evaluated for suitability in the International Space Station. He has previously participated in Victorian Government Autonomous Systems Roundtable talks for high level planning of Victoria’s general UAV policies & projects.

Ken is an innovator in the UAV scene utilising the latest technology in commercially available hardware/software platforms with 3D printed components to achieve rapid prototyping of new aircraft designs & payload solutions. Ken is keenly interested in high performance motor vehicles & especially EV’s (Electric Vehicles) in general. Renewable & sustainable energy generation, storage & distribution is another passion.